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What Makes Switchable Glass So Special?
We are proud to to provide the highest quality switchable glass. , our solutions offer a myriad of end to end solutions.Our smart applications has been used in hotels, commercial and residential applications, elevators, refrigerators and vending machines, and shopfront and projectors. Your imagination is the only limit to utilising this technology.
We are dedicated to providing our valued clients with an exceptional standard of service and communication, and will be happy to help you with any enquiries you have o set you up with a solution that you will be truly happy to utilise for your application.

Stylish and practical smart glass products that offer instant controllable privacy, with applications in a wide range of sectors. Our Switchable Smart Glass products include Toughened, Laminated and Double-Glazed options designed to work in a range of environments, both commercial and residential including bathrooms and high traffic areas. Our Smart Glass has been used in many different products and applications over the years including doors, room partitions and product launches. Royal Glass also offers a retrofit Self-Adhesive Switchable Film that can be installed to existing partitions and windows, a quick and easy way to upgrade any space, with all of our Switchable Glass and Film products doubling up as a HD/4K projection screen.

ON – OFF mode switches the film from being clear (transparent is ON) to frosted (opaque is OFF). In its frosted state the film acts as an electronic blind providing complete privacy and security for any glass, window or partition. Custom shapes and sizes are available and multiple pieces can be joined together to create large switchable glazed panels or partitions.

Royal Glass Smart Glass Application

Office Space / Hospitals
Electrically switchable glass partitions gives adaptability and style to interior space. Switchable glass can easily transform a space from open and shared with the flexibility to use glass for privacy and projection when opaque. Our privacy glass is available to meet fire and acoustic needs. Furthermore it is as easily cleaned in the same way as standard glass.

Provide elegance and sophistication using privacy glass in hotel bedrooms and meeting spaces. The switchable glass technology makes the perfect partition between a relaxing / sleeping space and a bathroom area providing spaciousness or privacy when needed.


Royal  smart glass can be used for exterior windows that face the street or neighbours. Giving instant privacy without curtains or blinds. As a result this can make homes more energy efficient. Smart glass partitioning of internal rooms including bathrooms is also popular.

Additionally Tecdur Privacy technology allows shopfront windows to be used for visual advertising through rear projection, turning the shopfront into an intelligent glass. For instance, promoting retail branding and products without permanently blocking windows with traditional signage or TV screens.


When the electrical current is switched off the molecules mis-align and the glass turns opaque or translucent giving privacy.

Other Application Areas

Viewing Areas
High Radiation Zones
Room Partitions
Doors & Windows
HD Projection Screens
Privacy / security glazing
Sky lights / vision panels
Counters / furniture
Conservatories / Sunrooms / Bathrooms
Alternative to Electronic blinds
Video projection screen
Security vehicles
Security rooms
Visitor attractions
Art galleries
Product launches
Theatre shows
Movies / TV shows
Advertising screens shop fronts/real estates/car showrooms

Features and Benefits of Smart Glass


Blocks ultraviolet rays

Ideal for installation as a HD projection screen

Offers high transparency and maintains low angle haze

Offers a high level of acoustic performance

Can be used alongside energy-efficient and solar protection glass depending on specific requirements

Offers privacy without relying on bulky shutters, curtains, or blinds

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