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Acid Etched Glass

Acid etched glass is produced by acid etching one side of float glass or acid etching two sides. Acid etched glass has a distinctive, uniformly smooth and satin-like appearance. Acid etched glass admits light while providing softening and vision control.

Royal Glass acid-etched glass products offer architects and interior designers a unique opportunity to realize their design goals. Because it is not a coating, acid-etched glass maintains its look and finish over time, creating a translucent satin appearance which obscures view while maintaining a high level of light transmittance. Our full surface products come in four different opacities and can be used in interior and exterior applications.

Laminated Glass Floor ( ONLY available for project order)

The surface have acid etched pattern and speical coating for anti skiding. which has high friction factor. After antiskid processing, the unique combination of opacity and transparency provides for full privacy, while still allowing for exceptional light transmission through glass .Best choice for decora

Self Cleaning Glass ( ONLY available for project order)

Reasons why you need self cleaning glass, Windows stay cleaner for longer, saving you time and money on window cleaningIt is  ideal for windows and hard to reach areas such as conservatory roofs or high-level glazing

Super self cleaning performance, Use UV light and rain to break down organic dirt and wash it clean away Colours,sizes,thickness diversified.

Insulation Glass with Blinds ( ONLY available for project order)

Insulation Glass with blinds

Ceramic Fritted glass ( ONLY available for project order)

The application of fused, colored ceramic paint to glass provides architects and designers with a new dimension in the use of patterned glass by offering a cost effective and unobtrusive means of minimizing exposure and controlling the amount of light transmission.

Colored ceramic paint used in the process of manufacture consists of glassflux (70-95%) and ceramic pigment (5-30%)This type of patterned decorative glass is created by silk-screening the selected color and pattern onto one surface of the glass. Once the pattern has been applied, the glass is either toughened or heat strengthened with the heat generated within the furnace sufficient to melt the ceramic paint onto the glass.ermic Frit glass is an inorganic glaze uniformly coated on the surface of glass by a certain glazing meth

Bird Friendly Glass ( ONLY available for project order)

Bird friendly glass solution with the acid-etched designs on the number 1 surface of the glass. Etched patterns are located on the outside (1st) surface which provides the greatest chance for birds to identify the glazing surface and avoid collision. This products are used for guard rails, rain screens or in insulated units (typically with a third-surface low-e glass).


Colour Painted Glass

Ever had color glass show up that wasn’t the correct color? Yeah, not cool. Nailing the right colors the first time is critical. Nobody wants to settle for colors that are “close” or “good enough.” We’ll color match your back painted glass to any custom color you specify in as little as one week. Get the right colors the first time.

Tinted Glass ( ONLY available for project order)

Ever had color glass show up that wasn’t the correct color? Yeah, not cool. Nailing the right colors the first time is critical. Nobody wants to settle for colors that are “close” or “good enough.” We’ll color match your back painted glass to any custom color you specify in as little as one week. Get the right colors the first time.

Bullet Resistant Glass ( ONLY available for project order)

Royal Glass bullet resistant glass  for protection against a wide range of ballistic threat levels.  All Glass products combine multiple layers of glass and polyvinyl butyral (pvb) with “no spall” protection for various levels of protection. It combine the durability and abrasion resistance of glass on the “attack” side and the impact resistance of polycarbonate to the “witness” side, providing thinner and lighter products with “no spall” protection.   Bullet Resistant Glass combine polycarbonate with polyurethane interlayers to achieve various levels of ballistic threat and extensive attack resistance.  Exposed polycarbonate surfaces are abrasion resistant for maintenance. It contain glass, polycarbonate and a proprietary polymer, which offer a lightweight solution while providing high levels of ballistic resistance. 


Non Glare Glass ( ONLY available for project order)

Anti-reflective glass is float glass with a specially-designed coating which reflects a very low percentage of light. It offers maximum transparency and optical clarity, allowing optimum viewing through the glass at all times. The clarity of vision makes anti-reflective glass suitable for all applications where glass should be transparent.

Areas Of Usage:Exteriors: shop fronts and commercial frontages, glazing where vision is important, particularly at night time (panoramic restaurants, air traffic control towers, petrol station windows) etc.

Interiors: high quality picture framing, display cabinets and interior display windows, dividing screens in cinema projection rooms, television studios, machine control rooms etc.


Fire Retardant Glass ( ONLY available for project order)

Fire resistant insulation glazing fire retardant glass can be categorized in terms of their performance level (duration of the fire resistance and the method of insulation). The choice is made on the basis of various criteria with regard to the valid regulations and taking into account the eventual application of the glazing. The fire resistant of glazing rests on three basic criteria: Mechanic stability The fire resistant element should retain its mechanic stability during and after the test. The degree of protection offered depends on the type of fire rated glass used but generally speaking, all fire-rated glass acts as a barrier to help prevent the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire. Certain types of fire-rated glass will also provide a degree of protection (insulation) against the heat of a fire. The ability of glass to prevent the spread of fire throughout a building is one of its most important features. The use of fire-rated glass is therefore an important component in building safety and Building Regulations specify where it must be used.


Curved/ Hot bent Glass ( ONLY available for project order)

Curved glass is tempered glass heated in an oven to its softening point and then mechanically shaped to a specific curvature.

Royal Glass can supply with customized tempered glass, curved laminated glass, curved insulating glass, curved screen-printed glass, and curved glass with digital printing.

Silk Screen Printing Glass ( ONLY available for project order)

The screen printing process allows us to “print” graduated, personalized, and complex patterns using a roller or screen. This technique can enhance the privacy and aesthetics of a space. Screen-printed glass is also an option for personalizing interiors.

Rotary screen-printed glass undergoes a tempering process that perfectly adheres the paint to the glass so that the color stays rich and vibrant for decades. This low-maintenance glass is ideal for facades and interiors.

It is widely used to reduce light transmission and provide absolute privacy. It is also a good choice for spandrel glass, concealing structural building components. Rotary screen-printed glass can be incorporated into the architectural design of a building.

Flat Screen Printing,In this process, a mesh screen is lowered onto the glass, and ink is pulled over the design with a squeegee to transfer it onto the surface of the glass.

It´sperfect for thermal control and architectural design, and a great choice for interiors, handrails, doors, windows, facades, etc.

Pattern Glass ( ONLY available for project order)

Patterned glass is a translucent glass, obtained by casting and rolling the glass between two cylinders, one of which is embossed with a pattern.

Digital Printing Glass ( ONLY available for project order)

Digital glass printing allows us to work with large-scale images in every color imaginable, recreating an unlimited range of nuances and special effects with incredible accuracy.

This technique makes it possible to print any high-resolution image and/or photograph onto glass. The ceramic inks ensure a long-lasting, vibrant image.


Glass Mosaic ( ONLY available for project order)

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