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Glass Splashback

Royal Glass provide customized and measure to fit glass splashbacks,glass splashback can be used in kitchen, laundry, feature wall. Glass splashback colours options please refer to Resene, we use Resene paint for our colour glass splashback.

Toughened glass is extremely easy to clean and is available in a huge range of colours, mirrored styles and prints. Glass splashbacks in a kitchen are toughened to ensure that they can withstand the heat from all types of cooktops. Tile grout can be time consuming to clean and collects grease, stains & dirt.

Glass is a natural conductor for light, so when a feature LED strip or spot is cast onto the glass, a cool effect is created. The colour is illuminated and diffused across a large area.


Contact Royal Glass team today, we will guide you through on selecting the splashback and offer you the quote, on acceptance of a quote we will conduct a final accurate measure. 

Whether you’re designing a kitchen, bathroom, laundry, entrance way or wall-art, Royal Glass gives you exceptional freedom. We can paint any colour or print any image directly onto the back of toughened glass. 


FQA on customized glass splashback

You might think glass is not the best material to go in a hot place like a kitchen. However, that’s far from truth. In fact, toughened glass is one of the most suitable materials to serve as your kitchen’s splashback..

We use 5mm/ 6mm toughened  glass for splashback most of the time.All our glass products are locally manufactured using ony the highest quality toughened glass and following our strict manufacturing standards.

Our glass kitchen and bathroom splashbacks come in a range of styles. We offer standard glossy colours, images and graphics, tinted, if you are not sure which one suit your space,think about the colours around the kitchen (or bathroom) and whether the styling is modern or traditional. A modern kitchen lends itself to photographic imagery, whereas a traditional kitchen may work well with a printed texture (granite/marble etc)

Internal holes are cut and power points sit on top of the glass, Glass can be cut with curves, corners, notches or shapes provided it can go through the toughening process. Typical things that may be an issue in the toughening process are the distance of internal holes to the edge of the glass (less than 25mm to the edge), and very thin shapes that create weak points. We work around this by splitting the glass into multiple pieces and measuring for the joins to be hardly noticeable, or blend in with the kitchen design.


For safety glass in kitchens the maximum length panel that can be toughened color splashback is 3600mm, digital printing 2400mm.

We use 5mm/6mm  thick glass in either ultra clear or ordinary ‘tint’. Both types are clear glass but ultra clear is manufactured to be low in iron, which takes away that mild green tinge. we usually use standard glass unless customer choose white or very light color, we will recommend to use low iron glass.
Ordinary glass splashbacks can be slightly cheaper (by request) but we only recommend this option for very dark colours and when ‘oversize’ panels are necessary.

Once we conduct the final measurement, the splashback will be installed in approximately 2 weeks time.The glass is then cut to the accurate shape and measurements and toughened. Edges are polished and the glass is spray painted or printed. When it is dry we will call and arrange the install (installation generally takes 2-4 hours depending on the size of the job).


The wall must be generally flat, all cupboards benchtops and rangehoods should be installed and in position for a final measure. The glass splashback is typically the last thing to be installed in the kitchen, but you can get the quote and colour selection process under way well before the final measure stage.
In Bathrooms all relevant waterproofing must be completed prior to installations.

Your choice of cabinets and benchtop will naturally steer you in the direction of some colours over others. You can choose to stay neautral and go with soft, similar or complementary shades. However if the kitchen feels like it is lacking in a feature, go ahead and inject some colour. Brighter, saturated colours work especially well in white kitchens or dark kitchens lacking contrast.

Any colour you can source can be matched, but we recommend sticking to the Resene colour ranges.  A dark kitchen may not suit a dark metallic or black as it will close the space in. In small kitchens we generally suggest a lighter colour (or a mirror). Feature LEDS and spot lighting can really show off a colour on the glass, so keep lighting in mind (even at night) when making your selection.
Our painted glass is a great way to compliment your decor and the interior design of your home or office – whether you want to add some colour to your kitchen with a glass splashback and cupboards, or glass privacy windows & a stunning feature wall at your main entrance.

We use ultra clear glass for our splashbacks so can match any standard solid colour you bring in to us. We can make up colour samples on request and provide this service for free (for confirmation) if we are doing the job. Keep in mind the ‘whitest’ whites may take a slightly dulled look with refraction through the glass medium in some lighting situations.

Give your living spaces the clean, long-lasting look of glass in any colour you choose, we use bond high-quality ink directly to the glass and lock it in with our proven back-coating system.


Glass brings a beautiful lustre to any colour and maintains an immaculate, long-lasting finish – even in challenging environments. Steam, cooking spills and harmful liquids simply wipe clean time after time and never reach the paint that’s bonded to the back of the glass.


Images can be anything, but a high resolution file is highly recommended (typically sharp and clear at above 4500px width). A good source for high resolution photos is a site like https://www.shutterstock.com/. or you can hire a photographer, work with a designer, use your own digital photos  – the choice is yours. And if you have a favourite fabric, painting or wallpaper, we can scan it and recreate an image you’ll love for years to come. Patterns and abstract designs are made through creating resizable vectors and these can be made from any 2 to 3 colour graphic youve designed or a pattern you have. 


The orientation of an image is important to fit the glass panel with minimal cropping. Most kitchen splashbacks are wide horizontally, so lend themselves well to panoramic ‘landscape’ photos. Shower liners work better with a portrait orientation.If there are cut outs for powerpoints or shower hardware keep in mind where they are positioned in relation to key elements in the image.Most images will need to be cropped in order to fit specific splashback sizes. When choosing an image, it’s important to think about image proportion and aspect ratio. A portrait image can’t be printed on a landscape shaped splashback. In many instances our graphics team can assist with modifying digital images to your wishes and requirements.

In designing kitchens and bathrooms there are always objects in the room arranged to give it balance. Its no different with images. For instance, in a kitchen you may wish to center the focal point of a photo directly below a rangehood.



Yes, we do,A mirrored splashback behind the stove allows you to keep an eye on small children, chat to friends or even keep track of those reality shows on tv, all without even having to turn around! 

Mirrors are great for reflecting light, which will make a kitchen feel more spacious, open and bright. This means they’re especially effective in small or dark kitchens, where they can transform an otherwise cramped space into a comfortable place for cooking, working and socialising. Having a splashback that reflects the garden our patio can create the illusion of more outdoor space. 

Also mirror need not be limited to the kitchen or bathroom. Think feature walls in commercial and residential settings possibly with a bevel-cut deco feel or a unique geometric statement.A mirrored surface not only creates light and an immediate sense of space, it also continues to complement your décor no matter how much you change your interior design. Consider mirrored glass a design tool that comes in clear, grey or bronze. Creative applications bounce light around dark rooms and create “space” where there is little. Fitted to cabinetry backs or within architectural details, mirror is an invisible feature with powerful results.


We provide a warranty of 10 years on the workmanship

While “clear” is in its name, clear glass is not the clearest type you can get.

Although clear glass does not have substantially high iron content, it is higher than low-iron glass. Due to this higher iron content, clear glass has a greenish tint. This is a result of the natural presence of iron oxide from elements such as sand, or from the cask or container in which the glass was actually melted. Despite being a logical process, this quality can cause issues.

If you’re looking to have the glass back-painted or coated a specific shade of light color, we would recommend you to upgrade to low iron glass. 


The thickness of glass we use is 5mm/6mm typically.

Color Painted Glass Splashback

Digital Printing
Glass Splashback

Mirror Reflective
Glass Splashback

Metallic Finish
Glass Splashback

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