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Product name : Side fixing double disc system glass pool fence
Product No. : 2019115101914
Unit Price(GST Excl.) : from $399/ SQM on include supply and install
Glass Color : Clear/Smoke/ Green
Glass thickness(mm) : 12mm/ 15mm
Glass Type  : Toughened/ Laminated
Hardware finish : Chrome/ powder coated

Royal Glass is Auckland City Council approved Glass barrier installer ( Author number PSA122632 )

Here is how the double disc design finish job look like, the stanard fittings are silver polished finish, glass clear. We do office black powdercoated fittings and tinted glass options.

Benefit of using glass balustrade



Glass balustrade is so popular in home design, make the space looks larger than it really is.


Glass balustrade allow the natural light come through to the room and it willnot block the view.

Glass balustrades look fabulous, they are also easy to keep clean and maintain.

Glass balustrade is made of thick, tempered glass and  it takes extreme structural pressure to break these strong balustrades since they are often as strong as steel.


FQA on glass balustrade?



Q: What is the difference between a Balustrade and a Fence?


A Balustrade is a barrier in any building element intended to prevent a person from falling and to retain, stop or guide a person. A Fence is a barrier for all other situations where there is no fall – e.g. a Pool Fence. Reference to the New Zealand Building code and Acceptable Solutions must be referred to for full details.


Q:What height does a balustrade need to be to comply with the building code?

 The minimum balustrade heights are as indicated on Table 1 of the Acceptable Solutions F4/AS1 available here. “Detached dwellings” are typically the interior and exterior of a residential dwelling.  “All other buildings” apply to all other building situations. Reference should also be made to the current New Zealand Building Code, in particular Clause F4, for a full guide


Q: Is a balustrade required if the difference in level is less than 1.0 metre?

In these situations, a balustrade is not required by the New Zealand Building Code, however if a balustrade is installed is must comply with the balustrade loads as indicated in the Guidance on Barrier Design issues by the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE).


Q:How do I know my balustrade will comply with the building code requirements for a balustrade?

Royal Glass can provide a producer statement for our proprietary methods, to certify the balustrade design is fully compliant with the New Zealand Building Code. This certificate is available from your local Authorised Fabricator or Specifier.



Q: What information do I need to provide to get a balustrade quote?


Style of balustrade,layout of the deck (including the deck edge dimensions) and the number of balustrade metres required, details on the substrate that the balustrade is to be attached to, location of job etc.



Q: How safe are my balustrades, will they keep my family safe?


All the systems are tested and assessed by independent engineers to exceed the requirements of the AS/NZS standard.



Q: The area I need a balustrade for is a unique shape (or size), will that be a problem

No, all our balustrades are custom made for each individual customer’s project, they are measured, fabricated, colour coated and installed to fit the area and so are suitable for most building applications.  This flexibility means customers can work with the balustrade dealer to get the look they really want for their individual home. 



follow below link to find out whether do you need a building consent for your balustrade.



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