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5 Stunning Stairways Using a Glass Balustrade

04/07/2020 Stair Balustrade 0

5 Stunning Stairways Using a Glass Balustrade

When it comes to interior design, you will find almost no limitations to what you could do with glass. Zoning off a space without using a wall? Simply install a glass partition. On the other hand, the most popular glass trend we’re seeing now is something considerably different: glass balustrades to get staircases.
There is nothing to revitalize the hallway like new glass stairs. To meet this requirement, we have partnered with staircase pros Multi-Turn to style some genuinely stunning glass balustrades for staircases.
There are a number of benefits to glass balustrades for staircases.
These include
More natural light -- glass staircases let more light inside, brightening your stairs and leaving a clear perspective
Illusion of longer space — just like with any glass attribute, the translucent temperament of the material tricks the eye into seeing space
Aesthetics — glass staircases boast a wow-factor unmatched by any other substance.
So, what will be the principal kinds of glass balustrades for staircases? Within this report, we will have a good look at five of those original glass staircase projects, each showing a different approach to glass stairs layout.
1. Rebated balustrade
Rebated balustrades are among the most popular layout solutions for glass staircases. It merely entails fitting the glass into a tight groove in the woodwork, creating a near-seamless look. The two examples above show rebated glass in its finest, shot out of a bespoke residential side in Romsey.
2. On Brackets
For larger projects with lengthier balustrades — such as this huge dip in Southampton — even a glass mounts system will the trick. This specific style is known as”stand-off” brackets, which leaves considerable space between wood and glass. It’s also common to locate glass fitted by stainless steel straps to the railings and articles.
3. Glass Risers
To get a more elaborate appearance, why not pick glass risers for your next stairs? Risers may be blended into the layout using concealed fixing bolts, like this recent project (above). As glass staircases proceed, it does not get more luxurious!
4. Structural glass
Frameless balustrades are very popular with homeowners looking for a minimalist look. For this private house in Guildford, we utilized 12mm toughened structural glass integrated to the wooden staircase — for an incredible”freestanding” effect. Without a handrails or traditional affirms, the whole glass structure has a special look.
5. Glass spindles
Many glass panels located on staircases are large and imposing. However, with glass spindles, you’re able to create a totally different look, inspired by traditional balusters but with the benefits of glass. Small person panes are rebated into to the stairs structure, with no need for mounts. The final result is a light, airy and seamless look that any homeowner would be keen to flaunt.
To find out more about our glass balustrades for staircases, or how you are able to incorporate glass into the house, please speak to our specialist group . We’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have, and also to help you on your way to gorgeous new glass stairs.
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