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Smart Glass or Smart Tinting Film

05/07/2020 Smart Glass 0

It’s necessary that those hoping to put money into switchable technology understand the differences between these goods, which means they may be confident that they have the appropriate and best value option for their application.

Switchable Smart Glass, Electric Glass or PDLC Glass are general terms used to describe a range of switchable solitude products that can change state from frosted to transparent at the press of a switch. Employing polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) technologies, crystals in the PDLC layer polarise in contact with an electric charge, which induces the formerly frosted glass to seem clear, as light is allowed to pass through the glass over it had been before.


Comprising of two chief technology, most Switchable Smart goods are produced around either Switchable Smart Self-Adhesive movie or even Switchable Smart Glass. Both technologies, although similar in effect and effect, bring various benefits to certain projects, providing the correct solution was specified. We offers a broad range of standard and specialist glass choices that enable designers and integrators to make the most of switchable technology in conjunction with added protection and functionality.

Switchable Smart Glass goods are able to be produced with a range of glass choices that allow for a greater level of use in construction and design applications, particularly applications that require legal compliance or expert functionality. Switchable Smart Glass is a complete solution product, requiring the expert setup of a rigid screen or glass at the designated location.

Available in 2 major forms, Switchable Smart Film permits the benefits of switchable functionality to the majority of transparent surfaces.

One of these varieties — Switchable Smart Film for lamination — permits for habit lamination dependent on the application. An ideal product for the glass and manufacturing business, Switchable Smart Film for lamination allows specialists to stock, define and set up switchable technology along with their own glass, making it a more cost effective and convenient alternative than other switchable solutions they could have considered.

Available to be trimmed into customized shapes and sizes, Self-Adhesive Switchable Smart Film represents a real innovation in the switchable item market, as premium privacy technologies becomes not just more attainable, but more flexible than ever before. Employing the film’s self-adhesive layer, users can apply Switchable Smart Film for their pre-existing windows, glass and walls, meaning they don’t have to fully replace the glass that’s already installed in order to achieve switchable performance. This key feature enables Intelligent Glass to offer Self-Adhesive Switchable Smart Film in a lower cost in comparison to Switchable Smart Glass, as it does not need the additional manufacturing processes that requires use of a clean room environment, in addition to the use of labor to produce and complete the complete Glass solution.

Whilst Switchable Smart Film is really incredibly versatile, use of this raw movie does enforce a certain amount of restriction for some specialist applications where Switchable Smart Glass might be appropriate.

However, although there are certain specialist applications where Self-Adhesive Switchable Smart Film may not match the full collection of specifications needed, the vast majority of conventional privacy software lend themselves exceptionally well to this type of remedy. Smart Glass provides switchable technology in a cheap price using Self-Adhesive Switchable Smart Film, putting this aspirational technology in the hands of many who desire it, whilst at the exact same time, offering expert Switchable Smart Glass options to people who demand them.


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