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What are the Pros and Cons of Double Glazed Windows

06/07/2020 Double Glazed Window 0

What are the advantages of double-glazed windows?

A number of the potential benefits of incorporating double-glazed windows into your own property, can comprise:

Energy efficiency: The sealed air between the panes of glass act as a form of thermal insulation. This is designed to lock in the cool atmosphere on your house in the summer and stop heat escaping in winter. It might mean you’re going to be using your furnace and air conditioner less, with a reduced power bill because of this.

Noise reduction: As well as maintaining cold or hot air out of your home, double-glazed windows can also help to shut more out external noise compared to their single-glazed equivalents. Consider checking with your installer regarding the perfect setup for the windows, since the distance between the 2 panes of glass that maximizes sound reduction could be different to the gap that is most appropriate for heat insulation.

Prevent mould forming indoors: Particularly in the humid parts of the country, double glazing might help reduce condensation on the inside of the windows and help prevent mold from building within your house.

Safety and security: , double-glazed windows are more difficult to break than ordinary windows. They may be particularly effective if combined with additional security measures to your doors and windows.

What are the downsides of double-glazed windows?

Some of the potential drawbacks of installing double glazed windows could comprise:

The upfront price: Though they could potentially deliver energy savings in the long run, double-glazed windows can have a significant installation cost — potentially 25% to 35% more than the cost of single-glazed windows, even based on hipages. You would also have to look at the potentially higher costs involved if your double-glazed windows need to be substituted in the future. Also consider the method by which the setup would impact on other features of your windows, such as dividers or shutters which are installed.

Style fit: It might not always be simple to come across double-glazed windows which fit with the style of particular properties, particularly elderly ones, as dual glazing will be a contemporary style of window. However, retrofitting your existing windows could be an alternative that will mean certain elements of your existing window frames staying in position and keeping their original fashion.
The additional weight: If you are installing double-glazed windows on an present property, especially an older construction, the increased weight of the extra pane of glass can cause the substances across the window to flake out of shape with time. This could potentially cause draughts and cancel out any higher insulation the window might provide


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