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Can I double-glaze an existing window?

06/07/2020 Double Glazed Window 0


The most common question our clients ever ask is”can I put double-glazing within my existing windows?” For most people, double-glazing has the same meaning as energy efficiency and comfort. The short answer is yes you are able to double-glaze many existing windows. However, you may not get the outcome you are trying to find unless you consider all the associated implications. In this article we going to help you through all of the ins and outs of all double-glazing existing wood windows.



The first thing you want to ask is: Why do you really wish to purchase double-glazing? Or do you need to buy the advantages which you expect double glazing will attract? Generally people are trying to make their home warmer, fuller and/or quieter. Whatever your priorities, they have to be considered in the context of this window as a whole, and also of your dwelling. To create your home warmer, so you can…if you’d like to make your home simpler, you can…If you want to make your home cooler, then you may…Alternatives, Choices!When you are clear about your priorities, then you start to realize that you have a whole lot more choices than simply double-glazing. The fun begins trying to decide from the available alternatives! Thus, let us give you some tips to help make the choice easier.


1. Don’t install double-glazing in an present window unless your window is good to start with,double-glazing is pricey. If you add it to bad quality, draughty windows, then you’re throwing good money after bad since the benefits will be at least partially offset by underlying issues with the window. If you have to deal with repair problems, it’s most cost-effective to do this at precisely the identical moment as reglazing. Otherwise you will need to return later to acquire a proper fix done



.2. Do not install double-glazing in an current window unless you have dealt with the draughts first even that a good window could be draughty. This is particularly true of older double-hung windows. The design of the windows is inherently draughty unless a detailed solution is installed. What’s the point of installing fancy glass if you’ve got air gaps all about it?

3. Do not install double-glazing in at present window if the installation will prevent you opening a window for ventilation within summer. it’s all very well and good to create your house warmer in winter. But you also will need to acquire fresh air in. A few double-glazing retrofit options involve forever closing part or all of a window. Do not do that unless you are really confident you never need to start the window properly.


4. Do not install double-glazing within an existing window if the identical money could be better spent on additional measure to improve the identical outcome.Often retrofitting double-glazing is a rather costly choice. You’re better off spending money on additional options.


5. Do not install double-glazing in an current window unless the window is large enough and strong enough to support itIf a window was initially constructed for single-glazing, it is unlikely the timber is deep enough to support a suitable double-glazed unit. Even if it is, the joints, balances, and hinges may require reinforcement or replacement to accommodate the excess weight


6. Don’t install double-glazing in an existing double-hung window unless the counterweights and balances are properly adjusted. If you get a double-hung window, it’s going to have ropes and pulleys or coil accounts (these look like a plastic tube at the face of the window). The ropes will need to be augmented.

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