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Which type of Splashback to use? Glass, Stone, Tile, Acrylic

06/07/2020 In the Kitchen 0

Whether you are installing a brand new kitchen splashback as a portion of a whole kitchen renovation or merely replacing your present one, then there are lots of materials to select from. Deciding one which will best fit your own kitchen can be hard. What color would you like? And above all, how far is it likely to cost?

To reduce prices you can go to get a DIY alternative, but only as long as you are confident on your tradie abilities. Some splashbacks, but are best left to the specialists. This guide can allow you to get a sense of the most frequently encountered splashback substances — and a couple more odd ones — also gives a rough indication about how much you can expect to cover each.

Locate a kitchen designer locally

Tiles were the most common substance used for toilet splashbacks, and they’re presently seeing a large comeback, as a result of the selection of colors, designs and materials currently available. Placing a cost for your tiled kitchen splashback can be challenging however, since the price of tiles fluctuates greatly.

Should you fancy a bit of DIY, then you can spare the labor cost by doing yourself.

Toughened glass splashbacks will be definitely the most popular splashback option right now, and with great reason. Toughened glass is very easy to clean and can be offered in a virtually endless array of colors and prints.
Glass splashbacks at a kitchen have to be properly used, to make sure they can resist heat from cooktops. Toughened glass is a security glass that, when broken, crumbles into little optional bits rather than stringing into sharp jagged shards, such as regular glass could.

COST: it’s possible to get some normal size bits of toughened glass to DIY setup from hardware shops for approximately $200 a square metre. But it is unlikely that the dimensions will be acceptable for your area, and they can’t be trimmed to size since they’re already toughened.

To follow along with are a couple of different toughened glass choices.

The very first is a solid-coloured glass. You are able to select just about any color on earth for your new colored glass splashback. Consult your own designer, to allow you to opt for a color that can work with the remainder of your own kitchen.

If you are choosing a colored toughened glass splashback, check with your provider to find out whether they utilize low iron glass. This kind of glass contains iron to get a high-clarity complete. The iron content at ordinary transparent glass splashbacks creates them look green in color, and will then alter the overall look of the color you choose.

The template or dimensions are accepted for all these splashbacks on web site. When the glass was cut to dimension, it’s then toughened, and then it can’t be cut so it is essential that the dimensions are taken properly.


If you want to get holes for electricity points cut in to your glass splashback, expect to pay roughly $50-$70per cut.

Or, instead of having one strong color placed on the rear of the glass, then it is possible to instead choose the second choice, which will be to get a picture of your choice printed onto the rear of the toughened glass.

COST: this kind of glass splashback will put you back about $750 to $1,000 per square metre, and about $50for every cut-out that’s necessary from the glass. Again, this involves making template dimensions and setup by a glass pro.


Splashbacks for your adventuresome

They actually help open up a room by bouncing reflections and light round the area.
The mirror isn’t clear for example your routine toilet mirror. It’s a more smokey tint, which makes it far more attractive to be used in the kitchen. The color can be bronze or crimson color based upon the provider.

Mirrored glass splashbacks are a security glass handled in precisely the exact same manner as toughened glass splashbacks, therefore they’re a superb selection for kitchens and secure to be used contrary to your cooktop.

COST: A mirrored glass splashback will charge you about $500-$700 a square metre, for example installment.

Acrylic splashbacks provide the illusion of glassbut they’re a cheaper option and you’ll be able to install yourself.

The plate has to be at least the exact same diameter as the cooktop and extend at least 200 millimetres over the cooktop burners to adhere to Australian security guidelines.

COST: Big sheets of four-millimeter-thick oil splashback substance can be purchased from hardware shops, and they’ll give you with the setup instructions. There aren’t any specialised tools needed.

A professional will probably cost you an hourly fee to put in this substance, and will likely include a minimum call-out charge.


This can be a common splashback substance in New Zealand, however, is remarkably well known in Europe. It’s possible to use exactly the exact same stone substance in your splashback since the one used to your benchtop, in the event you decide with this particular material. This makes a constant, elegant, and lavish look from the kitchen. But if you do choose to choose this splashback choice, it’s a good idea to have both the benchtop and splashback installed in exactly the exact same time, in the order they could both be produced from precisely the exact same batch of rock to avert any color variants.

COST: The price of this splashback will be contingent on the rock you’re using. Including making a template and setup using a stonemason.

You could have the ability to negotiate a much better cost per square meter, even if you’re using both the benchtop and splashback made of precisely the exact same stone.

So many men and women love the appearance of metal splashbacks, also with numerous distinct patterns to pick from they may be integrated into just about any type of kitchen. They’re produced from an aluminum alloy, which will not corrode, and are acceptable for use behind cooktops.
Pressed metal splashback setup is one which you can perform yourself. The splashback substance is purchased in big, ready-to-paint sheets, and which you may readily cut to size in your home. Setup is simple; just paste and trap the sheet into the wall, so ensuring that the wall is smooth and clean . As soon as your splashback is set up, it is possible to paint it to suit your kitchen. Consult your provider what paint they advocate for their merchandise.


Emboss your kitchen having pressed metalStainless steel splashbacks incorporate a modern industrial texture to your kitchen.

Stainless steel splashbacks are just another choice which you may set up yourself. Purchase sheets of stainless steel splashback cloth out of the hardware store. and then reduce it to size in your home. Again, no other specialized tools are necessary for setup, and it’s totally secure to use supporting cooktops.

Some folks will opt to get a stainless steel splashback supporting their cooktop just, then use any substance like acrylic or perhaps tiles onto the remaining portion of the splashback places.


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