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Top Mount Frameless Glass Balustrade 

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No matter where we are in the office or in our own houses, having surroundings which aren’t only practical but aesthetically pleasing could definitely make a massive difference to daily. Folks may underestimate the effect a dull and boring environment may have them on and design and decorate home and workplace spaces must always be accomplished with some previous thought.

There are so many unique methods to improve the look of an area but one of the most underused products accessible to people is frameless glass balustrade. Not only are they really practical but are very pleasing to the eye. They give any space a sense of openness and make even little offices or rooms look larger. Frameless glass balustrade can be desgined to meet building codes with or without a handrail.

Although they can be found in frosted glass, having a frameless glass balustrade as a pool fence that’s transparent is also a great safety feature especially if you entertain a lot or have little children.

In a workplace environment, they are going to have the effect of making workers believe that they are not merely robots designated to small boxes their entire lives. When people are able to socialize more and be sociable they are happier and therefore more effective.

As soon as you’ve determined that frameless glass balustrade would be the way to go the next step is to find somebody that can do the setup. As beautiful as they are, improperly installed balustrade is a huge danger factor, particularly if used on stair regions or balconies. From the obvious dangers of folks leaning against them, there is the additional danger of if they are to fall any height. Glass panels falling will cause serious injuries if someone is beneath them.

Royal Glass is only qualified and registered to carry out installation work that is up to government standards but they are also experienced enough to give practical advice even if it means you don’t get exactly what you want. A company that will risk your personal security solely for the sake of landing a project is not a company you desire.


Frameless Glass Balustrade are built to New Zealand  Standards.

Royal Glass’s Frameless Glass Balustrade are NZ designed and engineer tested

Frameless Glass Balustrade is either fixed to steel  base or straight in concrete/timber deck.

Frameless Glass Balustrade will maximise aesthetic allure and non-restricted view.

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