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Company News >> Mum’s video is a chilling reminder for the beginning of summer
 Perth mum, Bronwyn Robertson's video is a frightening testament to the resourcefulness and efficiency of children.

 Bronwyn posted a video to Facebook of her three-year-old son Jordan unhooking the trampolineladder and using it to climb the pool fence. 

He carries it over to the pool fence and first tries to hook it to a curved part of the fence. Finding it doesn’t sit flush, Jordan moves it farther down the fence in a spot where it can hook securely.


Then the little boy climbs all the way to the top and peers over the fence before the video clip finishes.

“We never saw this coming”

Jordan is followed by his sister Raine, who, to her credit spends the whole video pointing to the trampoline and telling her brother to put the ladder back.

Bronwyn posted that Jordan’s strategy was “something we didn’t see coming. Please be aware of things lying around including the ladder off the trampoline,” she warned.

The video has been viewed 13,000 times. “OMG makes you feel sick,” commented Alison Humble Schofield.

“So scary!” Michelle Tyrrell wrote.

Chantal Buys said the scene was all too familiar. “Our kids used to climb the glass gate,” she wrote.

pool stills

It only took a few seconds for Jordan to bring the trampoline ladder across the yard and use it to scale the fence. Photo: Bronwyn Robertson

“Thirty kids drown in Australia each year”

As Bronwyn’s video shows, it’s not enough to install a pool fence. Nothing takes the place of adult supervision.

“Children under five are the age group most at risk of drowning, and swimming pools are known to account for a large proportion of drowning deaths,” according to a review by Royal Life Saving. “An average of 30 children under the age of five have drowned in Australia each year for the last 10 years.

More than half of these kids drowned in private swimming pools, some of which were fenced, some of which weren’t, and some of which had a faulty lock or side. Portable pools were also an issue as they’re not fenced.

Bronwyn shared the video as an important reminder for parents, as summer is just around the corner. For information about pool fence regulation in your state, visit My Pool Safety

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