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Frameless sliding door shower
Product name : Frameless sliding door shower
Product No. : 201911511248
Unit Price(GST Excl.) : $500~$2000 depend on design
Glass Color : Clear
Glass thickness(mm) : 10
Glass Type  : Toughened
Hardware finish : Chrome/ powder coated
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One of the most important and common element in dream bathroom across different taste is Glass shower.


Basic information

Benefits of using glass shower.

1.   A glass shower create a feeling of openness and allow abundant natural light come through into shower.

2.   The frameless design and glass material make it is so easy to clean and maintain. No need to worry about building up the mould and mildew like shower curtain will do.

3.   The glass used go through tempering and treatment, make it so endurable, one glass shower can last as long as the house does if get proper maintain.

4.   Glass shower bring in air of elegance to your bathroom, you have choice of the finish of glass, the design of the handle etc to make your bathroom unique.

5 .  Royal Glass can supply “ measure to fit” frameless glass shower, local made which comply with NZ standard and building code.


FQA on glass shower

Q: What is the difference between a framed shower door and framess shower door?

A framed shower door is constructed of thinner glass and It relies on metal to strengthen the enclosure. A frameless shower enclosure is 10mm thickness tempered and polished safety glass. This glass has greater strength and does not require heavy metal framing around it. Frameless shower doors also eliminate the wobble seen in cheaper store bought doors when opening or closing.


Q: How long will it take to manufacture my frameless glass shower door?

Once initiated, our manufacturing process for frameless glass shower doors will be completed 7 business days. When your glass is ready for installation, we will call you to schedule your installation. Your appointment can be scheduled within days. In some cases, lead time can be increase due to custom finishes or the complexity of the enclosure.


Q: How do I clean my shower enclousure?

To keep your glass free of potentially damaging water spots, we recommend using a squeegee after each use. Using a squeegee on a daily basis is the simplest and fastest way to avoid water spot and mineral deposit build up on your new shower enclosure.

Q: How tall normally the shower enclosure is?

A typical frameless glass enclosure height we install is normally 1950mm ~1980mm. 


Q: Can I purchase and install it myself?

It is not recommended that a home do-it-yourselfer attempt to install a frameless shower door if you do not have prior experience. Frameless glass shower installation is a fine art with extremely small tolerances being critical to obtaining a leak proof glass shower enclosure without gummy caulks or ugly gaskets. To get it perfect, installation needs to be exact

Q: What is safety tempered shower glass?

All shower doors and enclosures must be safety tempered by law. Regular raw glass breaks into large, sharp chunks, where as safety tempered shower glass breaks into very small pieces. All of our fabrication is done by us, in house as well as safety tempering your frameless shower doors. We are certified  and regularly send our glass out for testing to ensure you receive the highest quality obtainable. 

Note: Once the glass goes through the tempered process, absolutely nothing can be done to it as far as fabrication applies. Any drilling, cutting or grinding of any sort will result in the glass shattering.

Q: What kind of warranty comes with a frameless glass shower?

We offer a comprehensive 3-year warranty on frameless shower enclosures that we install. This includes the glass, hardware. 


Q: Do you require a deposit?

We generally require a 50% initial deposit on all work so that we may order the custom materials.

In case you have further question, please feel free to get in touch by phone or email. 

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