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Shower Dome Install Labor ONLY
Product name : Shower Dome Install Labor ONLY
Product No. : 20191158957
Unit Price(GST Excl.) : From $120 on per Unit
Glass Color : Clear Acrylic
Glass thickness(mm) : Not Applicable
Glass Type  : Not Applicable
Hardware finish : Not Applicable
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Royal Glass is Showerdome Registered installer, we provide installation service across Auckland, please ring us to have a quote, 
Please provide information below.
 1, Suburb of the property locate.
2, How many units need to be installed.
3, Any things you need us to know, eg shower head is high, frameless shower etc which make you think this is a special shower.
4, We appreciate if you could email a photo of your shower to us at 

Travel charge will apply if you purchase a wrong dome for your shower in the store and Royal Glass willn't be able to complete 
the installation, it happens sometimes. :(

How Shower Dome works  (video link

Showerdome® shower top puts a lid on your shower to stop steam and warm moist air getting out. It also prevents cold air getting into your shower, so steam clouds don’t form inside. It’s that simple.

Warmer, safer, more economical

With a Showerdome® shower cover, your bathroom remains dry, safe and clear while you stay warm and cosy inside your shower. You’ll enjoy mist-free mirrors, prevent mould and extend the life of your paint and bathroom features. And because your shower feels warmer, you can run it at a lower temperature and save on energy costs.
There’s nothing you have to remember to turn on, no running costs and no moving parts to wear out.

Here are 14 design of shower dome to choose from to suit your shower, talk to us if you need any help.

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