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Gym/ Changing Room Mirror
Gym/ Changing Room Mirror Gym/ Changing Room Mirror Gym/ Changing Room Mirror
Product name : Gym/ Changing Room Mirror
Unit Price(GST Excl.) : 
Glass Color : Silver mirror
Glass thickness(mm) : 5
Glass Type  : 
Hardware finish : not applicable
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Mirror is simple decoration which can bring you remarkable aesthetic shift in your home.


Here are the benefits of a mirror can bring you.


Mirror make room looks more spacious, when you place mirrors in a tight area, it will increase the appearance of space within the room.


Mirror can cover some bumps, cavities if you cannot remove or repair from the wall.


Take advantage of a mirror’s reflection to bring attention to a gorgeous vase or another attractive feature.


Mirror can increase the brightness of a room. If you have a dim home or a room that’s particularly poorly lit, mirrors can help remedy the situation.


With Royal Glass you will be able to choose from a wide variety of custom mirror styles


FQA for mirror

Q: Can I get this mirror in another size or custom made to size?

Most of our mirrors are custom sizeable, just ask us.


Q: Why do edges of a mirror turn black?

Most often it is in bathroom mirrors were moisture and contaminates in the air attack the silver backing causing discoloring and flaking. Soapy water or incorrect cleaning liquids accumulate on the edges of the mirror eroding the backing.


Q: Can I pick up the mirror?

Yes, you can pick up the mirror from North Shore. Auckland.

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