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Digital Printing Glass Kitchen Splashback
Digital Printing Glass Kitchen Splashback Digital Printing Glass Kitchen Splashback Digital Printing Glass Kitchen Splashback Digital Printing Glass Kitchen Splashback
Product name : Digital Printing Glass Kitchen Splashback
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Benefits of using digital printing kitchen splashback .

1, Glass kitchen splashback is easy to clean , only need to wipe the stain or spill.

2, Glass splashback can expose to heat, it willnot change the shape or colors.

3, You can choose any Resene colour to paint on the glass to match your kitchen design, theme. This touch will change your kitchen look into more elegant look.

4, Glass kitchen splashback reflect light well and make your kitchen brighter.

5, Kitchen splashback has no gaps or grouting seems like tile splashback do, make it a perfect wall protector from greasy, dirty.


6, Glass splashback is more cost-effective choice compare tile which need to be regrouting continuously.

FQA on kitchen splashback 

Q:What is the difference between Low Iron glass and Clear Float glass?

Low Iron glass is the most optically clear glass available. This means that any colour is achievable. Clear glass has a green tint to it due to the higher content of iron, therefore only certain colours can be achieved using clear glass.


Q:What surfaces and what conditions do the walls need to be in for the glass to be installed?

The glass can be installed over almost any surface eg, brick, existing tiles, plaster board, fibreboard, MDF etc. The wall needs to be reasonably level and free of any protrusions.



Q:At what stage should I schedule a measure and quote?

All cabinetry and bench tops need to be installed prior to a measure being conducted. Additionally, all electrical work needs to be completed. If a glass splashback is being installed behind a range hood canopy, the range hood needs to have been pre-installed and the fixing points marked prior to Royal Glass team attending to conduct the measure.


Q:What is the lead-time from measure to installation?

The lead-time is about a fortnight (and subject to an average work loads) from the date after the check measure is completed.



Q:Is glass an easy clean surface?

Yes, it all our glass products are easy to wipe with any non-abrasive cleaner and together with the use of a high performance cloth it will leave it free of any stripes or finger prints.



Q:How strong is the toughened glass?

Toughened Glass has got a very high break point and can withstand high temperatures. If the break point is reached it shatters instantly to small safer pieces.


Q:Can I use my own image on a printed glass splashback?

Yes, we can print your own image directly onto the glass, however a high resolution image is required to ensure a good quality print.


Q:Colour  Choices and Matching

You can choose any colour from “ Resene” colour switch, we will paint for you and match it within the accuracy which meet the industry standard.



Q:Can Royal Glass Splashbacks have cut-Outs and drilled holes?

We can produce glass splashbacks which have cut-outs for switches, holes etc, provided that we are aware of these prior to toughening. Once any glass has been toughened, you cannot make any alterations to it, as it would cause the glass to shatter. All Splashbacks will be supplied with polished edges unless the edge is part of an internal cut-out or notch,all cut outs for sockets or ‘L’ shaped angles will have radius corners with ground edges .



Q:Can I have a tabletop or other glass to match my splashback?

Table tops are produced by the same method as the glass splashbacks. The only difference is the thickness of the glass; because we want you to be consistently happy with your table top as the time goes on, we recommend using 8 mm toughened glass with deep polished edges and rounded corners.We can supply and install splashbacks in the bathroom and laundry. In your business you can use glass as a feature in your reception area .

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